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About FoodieBucks Rewards

FoodieBucks Rewards is a loyalty program that will reward you for supporting us and our producers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does FoodieBucks Rewards work?

> You earn FoodieBucks by opening an account on and buying any products.

What are FoodieBucks?

> FoodieBucks is a reward currency, where 100 FoodieBucks = 1 Rand

How do I earn FoodieBucks?

> Buy anything on and you will earn 1 Foodie buck for every rand spent! Simple!

How do I know my FoodieBucks balance?

> We will email you a FoodieBucks statement every month. You may also at any time request a statement by email with your name and surname to

How do I spend my FoodieBucks?

> Send an email to with your request and we will assist you with the spending of your FoodieBucks.

Where can I spend my FoodieBucks?

> You can spend your FoodieBucks on any of the products on

Do I have to register to earn FoodieBucks?

> No, you automatically become a “Foodie” when you buy or open an account on

Is there a minimum balance that I must have before I can spend my FoodieBucks?

Yes, you must have a minimum balance of 1,000 FoodieBucks.